Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner Dubai

There’s nothing like the stillness of the beautiful desert just before the sun comes up, sweeping light across the horizon in the rosy glow of dawn. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture unforgettable views that you can only see during a sunrise desert safari Dubai. The gently sloping hills of golden sand beckon you to explore the land of the Bedouin tribes, who’ve been living a unique lifestyle for hundreds of years.

The Bedouin experience at a desert safari in Dubai

The simple yet effective tents erect in the middle of the desert present an idyllic picture, but they’ve been desig to protect their inhabitants from the harsh weather of that region. Lean on plush cushions to relieve your body of the physical exertion of an adventurous day and feel the warmth of the hospitality you receive on Dubai desert safari tours.

Women and girls can have their hands paint with henna, which a natural is made from a native plant to leave a tattoo after you’ve remove the drie paste from your skin. Arabs are famous for their lovely henna designs that have been inspire from the art of that region. You can choose which design catches your eye and request that it be paint on your hand.

Dancing to hypnotic beats on a Dubai desert safari

Music and dance are an integral piece of Arab culture that you can’t miss on an evening desert safari Dubai. The Tanoura dance is typically perform by a man wearing multiple skirts that lift up to create a flat surface as he spins with a skill hone over years of practice. As the dancer spins on one spot, he removes the skirts one by one. Sometimes, you get to see a skirt lit up in the dark presenting a delightful view as moves to the beat.

Belly dance has always been like a mystery to those who haven’t trained in this art form. It seems unreal how a belly dancer can be so flexible and have a core so strong that they can move a coin over their abs. Book a desert safari Dubai to experience their fantastic showmanship and see some belly dancing magic up and close.

Dubai desert safari offers exotic flavors and aromas

Food brings people closer and there’s nothing like a mouthwatering spread of BBQ to bond with others on a morning desert safari Dubai. The anticipation of a biting into a juicy, perfectly seasone, smoky-flavored piece of meat is only increase by the aromas wafting your way from the live BBQ grill. Share the love of a hearty meal in the middle of the desert with your loved ones and make unforgettable memories.

Those who enjoy smoking can have Sheesha brought to their table for an extra charge. Sheesha comes in various flavors and you can try them all one by one with your friends. Pass around the Sheesha in your circle and capture the precious moments with your loved ones using your camera.

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