Overnight Dubai Desert Tour: What to Expect?

You can’t help but be drawn to a desert safari in Dubai as you take in the wild landscapes and breathtaking views surrounding you. Have you been there before? No? The Arabian Desert provides a place away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. It is a pristine and clean landscape where travelers worldwide come to enjoy the precious moments of their lives and keep their memories forever. 

Dubai is known for its grandeur, gigantic skyscrapers, and stunning places, but its landscape has an allure that no one can deny. There are many activities you can enjoy in the desert. Desert safari tours are available at different times and with packages such as morning safari, evening desert safari, and overnight. What is your favorite time to spend in the desert?

Every era has its charms.

 Some people prefer a morning safari because they get up early, while others plan an evening safari because they like the cool breeze and sunset. Finally, some people want the VIP treatment and choose a Hummer H2 over a 4×4 Land Cruiser. Depends on your choice. But if you need clarification, we will explain in detail why you should take the overnight desert safari tour instead of the morning desert safari. 

How is an overnight desert safari different from a morning desert safari?

Desert safari adventures in Dubai have their charms; you can explore the vast desert in the morning, evening, or any time you want. If you choose a morning desert safari, start your morning drive with a beautiful golden sunrise and a hearty breakfast. But the downside is that Dubai is very hot during the day and very cold at night. So in the morning, fewer tourists may visit so that you can explore the desert at your own pace rather than in a hurry. Regarding activities and horseback riding, you can enjoy dune bashing, quad biking, camel rides, and more.

In addition, there are many special activities, such as hot air balloon rides, considered one of the most fascinating activities in Dubai.

Tourists prefer night safari because this is the most favorable time of day; everything is calm without the excitement of daytime heat. Other activities are the same as the morning desert safari, including dune sprints, quad biking, henna, tattoo design, camel rides, and more.

An evening desert safari in Dubai has advantages over a morning desert safari, such as seeing rare animals like the Arabian oryx and gazelle. In addition, you can enjoy an overnight desert safari in Dubai, starting early in the evening and continuing until nightfall.

Reasons to Choose Overnight Desert Safari

Night safari is much more than you can imagine; it allows you to watch the sunset in the desert and enjoy this unparalleled view. A gloomy evening, orange sun shining on clouds and desert dunes, oh, a sight you’ll never forget.

The night safari also runs into the evening, where guests can watch various live performances and appreciate the talents of Arabic artists, such as Tanoura dances, fire shows, and belly dancing. A BBQ dinner and international buffet round out the evening safari.

Dining in the desert is a culinary adventure as the food is delicious, and the magical atmosphere of the desert captivates you. The menu will offer various Arabic starters, soups, main courses, delicious desserts, and unlimited refreshments.

There is a cool breeze in the evening, and the temperature drops by five degrees after sunset; the coldest drop is 20 degrees. As a result, the sand gets cooler, and you can enjoy ten times as much fun.

Things to Do on an Overnight Safari in Dubai

Dubai is known for its abundance of luxury resorts, hotels, shopping malls, and advanced technology. These are just a few of the many reasons why people decide to visit Dubai.

However, every trip to Dubai is complete with at least one overnight desert safari. The desert is about an hour’s drive from the urban area, so it is convenient to travel.

There are various kinds of desert safaris to choose from. For example, morning, evening, overnight, self-guided tour, etc.

A night safari in Dubai will be the best option, giving you plenty of time for endless activities while enjoying an overnight stay in the desert.

There’s nothing like spending a night in the desert under the stars. In the evening, Dubai Safari offers a variety of exciting and unique experiences. Spend the night entertaining surrounded by nature.

All this will make for an unforgettable evening in the Arabian desert. You can also do many other things. This article lists the different things you can do on Dubai Night Safari.

Enjoy the galaxy under the vast sky.

The best part of the night desert safari in Dubai was the amazing nature and especially the stars. Starry Sky showcases some of the most spectacular events and starscapes to enjoy whenever you look up.

Enjoy free snacks and delicious Arabic coffee while stargazing at the camp.

It’s a calming atmosphere that will help you unwind after a tiring day. Astronomers can also take you on a night sky tour and tell you about its wonders.


The overnight desert safari provides colorful performances such as buffet, barbecue, stilt dance, belly dance, etc. While enjoying all these activities, you will experience the desert’s oldest traditions. Tourists have the best time of their lives watching these shows in the beautiful surroundings of the Dubai desert. You can also see the brave performances of fire dancers as they twirl to the roaring bonfire.

Try local food

You can also enjoy a traditional Arabian feast at the camp. Desert Safari will provide a buffet dinner or barbecue feast per your itinerary. You will get authentic dishes like kebabs, kofta, mansaf, bread, etc. After dinner, you can taste the local tobacco flavor, “hookah.” The food here is subtle and delicious, with something for everyone. The dinner buffet also includes fine Iranian and Lebanese dishes. You will get an authentic experience of Arabian Nights, especially during the shows.


Watching the desert dawn is one of the best things about spending a night there. During sunrise, you can view the dunes as a backdrop to the bare horizon. It magnifies the beauty of the sunrise. You can see the splendor of the desert at dawn, with the warm orange hues of the sunrise shining on the horizon. You will have the opportunity to enjoy some quiet time in the cool morning before starting the day. It’s a perfect way to start a day full of adventure and fun. During this time, you can also get the most amazing photos and leave with unforgettable memories.


Another unique thing you can do during a safari is get a tattoo. Most desert tours will have a specialist there to give you a beautiful henna tattoo inspired by Arabic. Henna tattoos are like temporary tattoos that fade away in a few weeks. It also doesn’t hurt at all, but it may take longer.

You can tattoo anything, be it a hand or a foot. No matter where it’s placed, you’ll look refreshed. It also leaves a very light soothing scent on your hands. Make sure to experience this local custom at least once during your trip. You can choose your preferred design from the many options with just one glance.

Final thoughts 

Every trip to Dubai is complete with a desert safari. When it comes to desert safari, overnight stays are the best option for those with the time. However, an overnight desert safari will let you do more than you initially thought possible. You can have the opportunity to do anything from adventure and thrill-seeking to peaceful activities. After reading this article, you can start planning your perfect trip on a desert safari because now you know all the different things you can do.

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