Desert Safari In Dubai: Top 10 Experiences And Attractions

Undoubtedly, an extravagant city in the Persian Gulf accurately describes Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Desert safari still stands out despite Dubai’s gleaming skyline, top-notch nightlife, and luxurious experiences. Some of the experiences of spending eventful and historic nights in the majestic Arabian Desert include safaris, wildlife viewing in Land Rover, and a relaxing evening in the desert in an Arabian tent, soaking up the majesty of nature. If you want to spend a day in the vast Arabian desert and make the most of it, there are plenty of fun activities and romantic places to stay. Choose your favorite desert safari.

What makes a Desert Safari in Dubai memorable?

The vast Arabian desert, rich dune experience, and colorful and exciting daily activities make a desert trip in Dubai an unforgettable experience. You can now select from various adventurous desert safari tours, photography tours; a fun-filled experience on camels; an adventurous night safari; or an unforgettable night in the cold desert – all lit up in blue. Dubai Night Safari showcases the best of the Arabian Nights and is worth a try, with adventure rides, Arabic music, and food. Desert safari in Dubai offers everything from picturesque mornings to colorful evenings.

Which Desert Safari tour in Dubai would you choose?

When choosing a Dubai desert safari, consider what activities you want in the desert, what kind of experience you want, and how much time you have available.

First, you need to choose the time of day you want to experience the Dubai Desert Safari:

Morning Desert Safari

The early morning Dubai desert tour is the choice for adventure sports enthusiasts such as sand boarding, quad biking, and dune bashing: a professional driver will make you experience intense feelings in the desert dunes.

Evening Desert Safari

Most travelers choose to join the Dubai Desert Safari at night. These tours offer the same activities as the mornings but allow you to enjoy beautiful sunsets over the desert, camel rides, and traditional barbecues (also suitable for vegetarians).

Overnight Desert Safari 

This is the complete experience and certainly the most romantic. Opting for an overnight stay in the desert, you will be able to relish all the fun activities and also enjoy an unforgettable dinner under the stars in a desert camp, with legal specialties grilled over a fire (also suitable for vegetarians), and then spend time in a traditional tent. Spending the night in a typical Bedouin bed is highly recommended for those looking for a more calming and relaxing experience

Top 10 Experiences And Attractions

Every trip to Dubai is complete with a desert safari experience in Dubai. Captivated by Dubai’s stately skyscrapers and white-sand beaches, tourists often forget that they are in the Arabian Peninsula, which is mostly occupied by one of the world’s largest and most spectacular deserts.

A Dubai desert safari experience is one of the most authentic adventures in Dubai: it’s the best way to learn about the UAE and explore the country’s interior, remote villages, stunning landscapes, and the famous red color—sand dunes of the Arabian peninsula.

The range of services offered on a Dubai desert safari is vast, and with so many agencies offering the experience, navigating between the different services can be confusing. Also, it is important to have a good operator who can guarantee a memorable experience without setbacks. Here we have collected the top attraction and experiences in desert safari that tourists can have, have a look:

Sunrise: Watch the Sunrise over the Dunes

The Great Arabian Desert is where you need to be at dawn when the sun rises brightest and appears largest near the horizon. Enjoy the golden splendor and its splendor. However, mornings are the most wonderful time in the desert.

Explore the Arabian Desert on a Sand Safari

One of the exciting activities of Dubai’s best desert safari is a morning jeep safari in a 4×4 SUV across the vast Arabian desert and through storms and sand. Typically, a jeep will pick you up from the camp and take you on an exhilarating 30-minute drive.

Camel Safari: Take a Leisurely walk in the Desert

The camel safari is typically a morning desert in Dubai, taking you on a thrilling 45-minute ride. Discover desert wildlife on a camel caravan ride through the Dubai Desert Reserve. Another highlight of the desert camel tour is the falconry show, where visitors can walk around with this beautiful bird.

Sandboarding: Feel the Gallop across the Desert Sand

Sandboarding is a thrilling adventure sport that can only be experienced on the smooth sands of Dubai. Several dunes reach 200-300 meters high and are perfect for sandboarding. As you accelerate, you can feel the sand under your skis from the top.

Ride your Quad bike like a Pro

Quad biking in the Arabian desert is one of the most exciting things to do on a Dubai desert adventure. Quad bikes are ideal for adventure seekers visiting Dubai as they allow you to navigate corners and explore the desert like a pro.

Flying over the Arabian Desert in a Hot Air Balloon is Thrilling

On a hot air balloon ride, get a 360-degree view of the vast Arabian desert. The hot air balloon holds up to 24 passengers and offers breathtaking views and an adrenaline rush as you float high in the sky. Visitors can spot desert wildlife nearby, especially gazelles and camels.

Capture the Best Shots at Sunset

Sunsets in the Dubai desert are just as beautiful, if not more beautiful, than sunrises. The orange sun fading behind one of the dunes is just amazing. Drive a Range Rover into one of the dunes and enjoy the stunning views in the background. This is an excellent opportunity for some sneak shots!

What happened overnight: Festivities began; Have fun!

Entertainment and activities on stilts, fire dinners, carousel rides, and exotic belly dancers make the night perfect. Enjoy fun with your friends and family while setting up your glamping tent. Spend the night near a tent under the stars and enjoy a desert safari from Dubai with BBQs, bonfires, and festivities.

Dine on the most Delicious Arabic Food with a Buffet Dinner & Barbecue!

Dubai cuisine is famous for its delicious taste and wonderful aroma. The buffet served during Dubai Desert Safari includes evergreen kebabs, hummus, and an exciting range of Iranian and Lebanese dishes. Belly dancing and music during dinner create a typical Arabian night atmosphere!

Night Safari: Dune Surfing and Stargazing Late at Night

Dubai’s best desert safari activities include dune surfing, desert safaris, and stargazing. Cold and windy most nights are perfect for hopping into a Range Rover for a romantic drive with your partner. Spend the night on the dunes and enjoy the best of the Arabian desert. Camping and bed and breakfast is Dubai’s most popular overnight desert safari package.

Final Thoughts 

Well, here we conclude our best attraction of desert safari in Dubai!t was great to spend a day exploring the red sand dunes with fun activities such as sandboarding, sand bashing, and camel riding, followed by an evening of delicious Emirati food and local shows. Add a night’s sleep under the stars, and you have the experience of a lifetime on your travel bucket list. Everyone should include a desert safari in their Dubai itinerary. Getting out of town and beyond on a dhow dinner cruise to a unique scenery is an experience you will remember.

 Have you ever been to the Dubai Desert? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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